A space is a TextBox.
24 'daily actions' are distributed in different locations of the space.
Paper, transparent tape,2022

En Cours, 56 Rue de la Réunion, 75020 Paris

  • Engrave the moment of production on the back of each clock.
  • Make an art work on a lucky day.
  • Curve your arms around a tree, imagining your body is the last annual ring.
  • Close your eyes for 120 minutes to watch the movie on your eyelids.
  • Take a walk in Google Street View, until you find your friend.
  • Everyday is a deadline.
  • Think about the world for a minute every day.
  • Work one minute less every day until you stop working.
  • Work with the phases of the moon.
  • Tattoo a circle on your wrist to make your body becomes a clock. Invite your friends to touch it.
  • Record the sound of rain and listen to it the next time it rains.
  • Keep walking outside until a leaf falls on your head.
  • Inhaling air of the last second of 2022, Exhale into the first second of 2023.
  • Throw a coin into a fountain and pray for nothing.
  • Change your job, start living again, really.
  • Make an art work on a bad day.
  • Put a stone in the pocket until the stone becomes round.
  • Show nothing in a group exhibition, except your name.
  • Take out all your suitcases, be ready to leave every day.
  • Live a week at IKEA.
  • Write everyone’s name in the world on your birthday cake.
  • Work only on rainy days.
  • Connect all the ladders in the world, climb up and try to touch the sky.